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Yamaha Motor Finance Announces New Credit Card Program

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The new credit card program from Yamaha Motor Finance Corp. will be available in all US Yamaha dealerships beginning November 2016. It replaces an aging credit card program that was run by several banks. The new program is intended to make financing easier for buyers. It will provide consumers with instant approval and revolving lines of credit. The new program is expected to become the primary financing source for many Yamaha products.

The new company will be headquartered in California. It will begin operations this month with a small network of dealers, and will roll out to additional dealers throughout the year. The goal is to be present in all 50 states by early 2016. The company has recruited Jeff Young to lead the division, which will operate out of the parent company’s headquarters in Cypress, California.

The company is growing its staff in Marietta, Georgia, and Cypress, California, where it will support Yamaha dealers. The company will be focused on financing Yamaha products and providing customer support. Yamaha is a leader in the powersports market and sells its products through its network of dealers across the country.

Yamaha Motor Finance has various financing and insurance options for consumers. The company provides a variety of payment plans, including installment plans and a revolving credit card. In addition, Yamaha offers comprehensive protection plans. It also provides a Yamaha Card for repeat purchases, with no annual fees and exclusive benefits.

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