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The Position of Financial Controller

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The position of financial controller is one of the most senior positions within a company’s finance department. It requires a variety of skills, including knowledge of accounting and tax issues, and the ability to guide others and take ownership of a company’s books. The role also requires considerable self-management and the ability to enforce policies and procedures.

A financial controller typically oversees the accounting staff of a company and manages transaction processing. They also maintain the management team within the corporate office and are involved in all financial reporting. These reports are presented to the board of directors, other members of the executive team, and potential investors. The controller also plays a role in negotiating contracts, pricing decisions, and more.

The position of financial controller may require an advanced degree and several years of experience. Many controllers begin their careers as Certified Public Accountants and go on to get an MBA. Their duties may also include performing compliance audits, monitoring internal controls, participating in budgeting processes, and evaluating new technology to be used within the finance department.

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