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The Importance of Ethereum Classic News

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If you’re a cryptocurrency investor, you should keep up to date on the latest Ethereum Classic news. Since the ETS hard fork, the Ethereum Classic network has grown significantly, becoming one of the most widely used and influential cryptocurrencies. However, the most important thing to remember when following Ethereum Classic news is that the price prediction is not a static thing. In the cryptocurrency world, news about price movements and forecasts are important for investors.

The Ethereum Classic network is an open source blockchain that is designed to run smart contracts. It was born out of a controversial hard fork in 2016, which divided the Ethereum community into two factions. In a hard fork, a new version of a program is created that is not compatible with the previous version. The hard fork took place after a high profile hack, which led to the loss of 3.6 million Ether coins worth $50 million. Most of the Ethereum community supported the hard fork, but a minority opposed it.

Ethereum Classic has also gained support from major investors and a broader user base. Despite its less malleable code, the network is still prone to scaling issues, which are a major obstacle to mass adoption of crypto. However, the Ethereum Classic community continues to work on this issue.

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