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The Ethereum Logo

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The Ethereum logo is a representation of the company’s digital currency. Designed and created just before its launch, the original logo consisted of two summation symbols, each rotated 45 degrees from the other. The resulting shape looked like a diamond. This logo was used during the product’s early development phase and in the product’s presale. However, it was later modernized following a special competition.

The design is similar to the logos of several popular brands. For example, the Coca Cola logo incorporates a hidden Danish flag, the FedEx logo features an arrow, and the Gillette logo features a shaving stick. The Octahedron is also linked to the Heart Chakra, the center of love and emotions. The Octahedron is also a symbol of reflection. It allows us to see ourselves in the reflection of another. The logo also represents healing and a space where we can feel safe and secure.

The Ethereum logo has three variations. The main one is in a neo-grotesque sans-serif font. There are two versions of the logo for different countries. In some regions, the logo is drawn in a different color depending on the flag of the country. These alternate versions reflect cultural ties with the countries that host the event.

The Ethereum logo consists of six triangles that have been bent in a special way. Four of the triangles form an octahedron, while the other two triangles form an arrow. The different shades of the triangles create the illusion of depth. In addition to this, the logo includes the name of the Ethereum Foundation, as well as the stock exchange designation ETD.

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