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Tata Investment Corporation

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Earlier known as The Investment Corporation of India Limited, Tata Investment Corporation is a financial company that deals in investment. The company invests in equity and debt instruments. It also distributes mutual funds. The company is based in Mumbai, India. The company was formed in 1937.

Tata Investment Corporation is a promoter of Tata Mutual Fund. It is registered with the Reserve Bank of India as an investment company. The company is also the principal shareholder of Tata Securities Ltd. It also invests in debentures and debt instruments abroad.

The company has a total asset base of Rs 21,000 crores. It is a public company. The company is a member of the Bombay Stock Exchange. It distributes dividends, interests, and profit from the sale of investments. The company has distributed Rs 1,500 crores of dividends over the past decade.

Tata Investment Corporation is a member of the Tata Group of companies. It is the principal investment holding company of the Tata Group. The group is a $62.5 billion enterprise with 27 publicly listed enterprises.

The company aims at investing in companies that can help the company to grow over the long run. It evaluates opportunities globally and domestically. The company looks for companies that have high quality earnings and consistent growth prospects. It also aims at allocating its capital to new age companies.

The company’s portfolio has grown to Rs 21,000 crores by the end of March, 2022. The company has invested in a wide range of industries.

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