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Storage Auctions – Selling Your Storage Unit With Confidence and Reaching a Larger Base of Potential Bidders

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When you need to sell your storage unit, storage auctions are a great option. With StorageAuctions, you can list your unit with confidence, and reach a larger base of potential bidders. Whether you need to sell your storage unit in a hurry or have a specific date and time in mind, StorageAuctions can help you.

Before the auction, storage operators let bidders view the unit before the auction. They will cut off the lock and roll up the door to show the contents. Bidders can then determine the value of the contents and place their bids. A unit with mostly empty contents is not worth much, but one that has power tools and other items can fetch a lot more. Before the auction, the storage operator typically only keeps 50% of the winning bid.

Storage auctions can be a lot of fun. But be careful – they are also an easy way to go broke if you are not careful. While the process of buying a storage unit is a lot of fun, you could also end up broke, hauling away the contents. A few things to remember before bidding at storage auctions: don’t expect to win a pricey antique or priceless work of art. Keep your expectations realistic and aim for a profit.

When attending a storage auction, you should pre-register with the storage facility. You can do this online or in person on the day of the auction. The host will let you know the rules and procedures before the auction. Once you’ve signed up, the host will take you to a storage unit and let you bid on the unit. The storage unit’s door is locked, so you should not physically enter the unit until the auction.

Bidders at storage auctions must be 18 years old and present legal identification. It’s best to show your photo ID before the auction starts to avoid having to wait for a long time. Some facilities even require you to register for the auction in advance. Remember to arrive at least 15 minutes early, as the auction may start on time.

Storage auctions can also be held online. The online version allows people outside of the local area to bid on a unit. This is beneficial because you’ll reach a larger audience, and more bidders will mean a higher price. Online storage auctions can take days or weeks to run. Moreover, these auctions save the facility from traffic problems and don’t disrupt their operations.

Storage auctions are a great way to recoup your lost profits. Storage auctions allow storage facility operators to recoup some of their expenses and clear the unit for a future renter. Plus, they save the environment by preventing the need to dump unused items at landfills.

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