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Stocktwits and FTX Team Up to Trade Ethereum Classic

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StockTwits, the popular social media platform for cryptocurrency investors, has launched a new service to help people buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly from the app interface. The new service will let users trade all major cryptocurrencies through a partnership with FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange. Users will be able to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies in real time through the StockTwits app.

StockTwits has raised $30 million in a fundraising round led by Sam Bankman Fried’s Almeda Research Ventures fund. According to Ramnik Arora, Head of Product at FTX, the two companies are collaborating to make cryptocurrencies more accessible to traditional investors. Both companies plan to use the new funding to expand their platforms and increase the number of users.

The platform enables users to subscribe to a live feed of news, comments, and discussions about the most popular cryptocurrencies. It also allows users to follow their favorite stocks and build watch lists. Users can also discuss upcoming earnings reports. One of the downsides of Stocktwits is that it can overstate the popularity of a particular cryptocurrency.

The Ethereum Classic Trust ETCG is the second most popular cryptocurrency by market cap. It has the largest community of investors and traders. It uses a Turing-complete blockchain protocol. This protocol also supports the creation of a fork. As a result, Ethereum Classic’s ticker spikes and falls, just like the original Ethereum blockchain.

However, a recent crash on the GDAX exchange has caused many investors to lose a significant amount of money. Many of these investors blame the GDAX exchange and its lack of controls. They have also accused those who placed sell orders in the market of manipulating the price. Nevertheless, GDAX has denied any wrongdoing.

After the Bitcoin boom, many investors poured their money into cryptocurrencies such as ether. Ethan Allen’s StockTwits page has been flooded with messages pertaining to ether, as its price skyrocketed to record highs. The popularity of this altcoin is fueling an alt-coin frenzy.

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