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Investment Banking Careers – Careers in Internal Audit

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If you are considering a career in investment banking, then you should consider applying to an internal audit position at a global bank. These jobs are in high demand and offer a great deal of job security. The internal audit function is growing quickly and there are thousands of opportunities in the field. Although some roles may be subject to automation, this field offers many opportunities for advancement.

Internal audit provides independent assurance about the effectiveness of risk management and governance within a bank. It also provides guidance to management regarding activities and procedures. It supports senior management by providing assurance that the firm is running efficiently. It is composed of independent teams with a range of expertise. This team reports to the audit committee.

Most internal audit positions require a few years of solid experience in a financial services firm. Many auditors have previously worked for specialized accounting firms or have experience in a related field. A bachelor’s degree in finance, business, or accounting is typically sufficient. More senior roles may require additional education and certifications.

Internal auditing is a highly specialized profession and requires functional and superior knowledge. Banks often pay their internal auditors more than other Fortune 500 firms because the work is often more technical and complex.

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