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How to Use Auction League Values to Maximize Your Profits

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Auctions can be a tricky thing to master, with the final prices for similar players wildly varying. It all depends on when a player is nominated, how many similar players are on the board, and how much money each team owner has left. It is important to keep this in mind when making your decision.

If you’re in a competitive auction league, you may want to focus on trend sleepers rather than established veterans. Generally, a trend sleeper player is worth a higher price than a veteran. It’s also a good idea to look at when a player is nominated. A late-nominated owner might overpay for a player like Amari Cooper, while an early-nominated owner might end up paying just $10 for the same player.

Auction drafts can also take a lot longer than a standard draft. There will be downtime between rounds, but this downtime can be used to monitor opponent rosters. Different teams will value QBs higher than TEs, and WRs may be more desirable to one team than another. The point is to always be aware of the value of a player and to stay ahead of your opponents.

If you’re planning to use auction drafts, you need to be sure to set the budget for your team. By default, auction drafts have a $200 budget and a 16-man roster. You can set the default auction values for players on your team by selecting the “Edit Auction Draft Values” link in the main My Team page.

Auction drafts are tricky, especially for those who don’t have much experience. However, seasoned managers have mastered the process and have a solid understanding of how to bid up players and nominate them when their turn comes. They also know when to fill certain roster gaps late in the draft. A good strategy is to buy players at 15% below auction value.

Auction values are also useful in dynasty and keeper leagues. For example, if a player is playing for a long time, he can increase his value in an auction. If he hasn’t been playing for two years or more, he could lose value in an auction.

Auction drafts are also fun and interactive. They give managers a sense of control over their rosters. With their salary cap budget, managers can add players that would benefit their teams. Besides the salary cap budget, auction drafts require knowledge of the best players and how to add them to the team. It’s important to know what position you’re looking for in an auction draft so you can win the league.

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