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Government Auctions in Quincy, Fl

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Whether you live in Quincy or have a lot of property, you can benefit from a government auction. The government has a number of different property auctions. These include government seized property for sale, government seized real estate for sale, and seized property for sale at auction. You can also bid online.

Before you bid on any items at an auction, you need to check out the descriptions and verify the grade and condition of the item. You should also check out any liens that may be attached to the property. There are no guarantees that the descriptions are accurate. If you are buying for resale, you may be exempt from paying the sales tax. Similarly, you may be able to buy the property tax-free.

The final price you pay will be subject to 7.5% sales tax. Buyers may also be required to pay a Buyer’s Premium. You can pay by credit card or wire transfer. Those who wish to bid at an onsite auction must print and fill out a bidding form. The bidder also agrees to abide by the terms of the auction.

The seller does not guarantee the authenticity of the items sold at an auction. You should only buy items that you know are authentic. You also need to check the grade and condition of the item before you buy it. If you are unsure, you can ask the seller or the seller’s representative for more information. You can bid online, or you can bid in person at an auction.

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