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FIFA and Human Rights Groups Call on Organization to Protect World Cup Migrant Workers

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Thousands of migrant workers have been employed to help build the stadiums, hotels, and other infrastructure for the 2022 World Cup. But their work has not been without controversy. Many of the workers are from Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. They have built the new stadiums and the metro system, as well as the roads and buildings associated with the World Cup. They have also been forced to live in squalid conditions. Their wages are pittance and they cannot leave the country without their employer’s permission.

Human Rights Watch has investigated the deaths of at least seven migrant workers in Qatar. The organization has also conducted interviews with dozens of workers. They have described abuses such as wage theft, sexual harassment, and health and safety risks. Their reports include accusations that Qatari companies have forced workers to work long hours in hot and uncomfortable conditions. Many migrant workers were also forced to pay “recruitment fees” that can take months or years to be repaid.

Some workers say they are forced to sell their family assets to pay back their loans. Many of them were also forced to live in squalid, overcrowded accommodation. Qatari authorities deny that they have abused workers, but their failure to report the deaths is a concern. They have not yet provided compensation to the families of the dead. They have not committed to establishing a compensation fund. However, FIFA and human rights groups have called on the organization to do more.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino has stated that FIFA has a responsibility to protect workers. However, FIFA has not committed to establishing a remedy fund. It has also criticized the football associations for calling for a compensation fund. FIFA should pressure Qatar to publish a comprehensive reform plan before mid-2017. It should also use its existing mechanisms to develop a remedy system for migrant workers.

Human rights groups have reported that at least six thousand migrant workers have died in the Gulf since the World Cup began. The International Labor Organization has found that 50 million people are currently suffering from modern slavery. A survey of 17,000 fans reveals that 73 percent support FIFA compensating workers for human rights violations.

Amnesty International has called on major World Cup sponsors to pressure FIFA to do more to protect migrant workers. The organisation has also urged FIFA to release data on the deaths of migrant workers in Qatar. The organisation has collected data from Qatar’s ambulance services, government-run hospitals, and World Cup-related incidents.

Qatar has faced international criticism for its treatment of migrant workers. Human rights organisations have described the conditions of migrant workers in Qatar, including the lack of proper centers to report abuses, and racial discrimination. In addition, the country has been under scrutiny for its “kafala” system of employment, which gives employers disproportionate control over workers.

Thousands of migrant workers have come to build stadiums, hotels, and other infrastructure for Qatar’s 2022 World Cup. The country has been accused of using racial and sex discrimination in its recruitment processes.

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