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Christie’s Launches New Digital Art Auction

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The first ever Digital Art Auction is coming to Christie’s. The auction site is partnering with NFT marketplace MakersPlace to offer a unique way to purchase and sell digital works of art. The auction will feature images from digital artist Beeple’s “Everydays” project. The artist’s auction has already raised a record $3.5 million from a drop for the year 2020. It is important to note that this auction will only feature works in limited numbers.

The digital art auction will start at $100. Each piece will have a digital signature from the artist, the date of creation, and edition size. Buyers will also be able to see previous sales history. The auction will be held on February 25th and run through March 11th. The digital art will be available for purchase for a period of one week.

The craze surrounding NFT art is similar to the boom and bust cycle seen in the “meme stocks” market. Speculators, collectors, and artists flock to the site. And while the digital art boom may be a temporary thing, it is already a significant step in the right direction.

The Everydays auction marks the first auction of an entirely digital work of art by a major art auction house. The artist, Mike Winkelmann, 39, is a graphic designer from Charleston, South Carolina. He is known for his bizarre caricatures and has gained a rapidly-rising reputation in the art world. He has also created concert visuals for celebrities.

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