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AuctionWatch is a convenient feature of the WoW game that allows you to keep track of your auctions. When an auction is posted, you can click on it to view the details and place a bid. AuctionWatch also allows you to remove an auction from your watch list. You can also sort your watch list to refine your search.

Auction watch results do not always indicate the intrinsic value of a piece. For example, the same model watch may fetch $1,000 at one auction and $5,000 in another. The results also depend on how many people are paying attention to the event. Therefore, a watch’s value may vary depending on its condition and rarity.

In general, buyers will have more bargaining power at auctions than sellers do. Moreover, auctions set benchmark prices for watches. However, many buyers do not like to advertise how much they spend on a watch. In these cases, auction houses charge fees. These fees can amount to half or more of the selling price.

The first auction house to sell watches was Antiquorum, which was established in 1974. Although wristwatches were not the main focus of the auction house, it was soon a big business. Its two founders, William Massena and Osvaldo Patrizzi, were very enterprising. Now, they run the collaborative brand Massena LAB.

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