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Auction Flex Review

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There are a number of different auction software applications out there, including Auction Flex. These applications allow you to conduct online auctions, manage bids, and create reports. Auction Flex can be used on computers, Macs, Chromebooks, and Windows Mobile phones. The software is also available for use in the Cloud, but you must have a local network to use it.

Auction Flex is the market leader in auction software. It offers a complete solution for live and online auctions, including cataloging, cashiering, and accounting. It also offers features for managing mail lists, inventory management, and multi-parcel management. The software can also be used for internet-only auctions, and can handle absentee bids. For an online auction, you can upload product catalogues, accept absentee bids, and webcast the auction to the Internet.

Users who are used to using auction software may not like this. Although auctionflex offers a host of features, it has a steep learning curve. This is particularly problematic if you have more than one team member who needs to enter data. You may also run into issues such as item lockouts when multiple team members are entering data.

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