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Antique Bottle Auctions

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Antique Bottle Auctions are an excellent way to buy rare antique bottles. The quality and condition of these bottles varies considerably. Some auctions offer a guarantee, which means that if you aren’t satisfied, you can get your money back. But beware of bidding wars. This can drive the price up above the fair market value. The best way to find rare antique bottles is to browse through online auctions.

You’ll find many varieties of bottles, including those made by the Old and New Worlds. These include antique beer and wine bottles, as well as glass bottles. Many of these are of good quality. Many bottles have been repurposed for other purposes, such as cleaning or hair tonic. Many others are made of stoneware or plastic, and can be used to store goods or liquids.

Aside from online auctions, antique bottle collectors can attend specialist events. The BBR (British Bottlers’ Bureau) is an important venue for collectors from all over the world. The company hosts quarterly auctions and week-end fairs. Its office is open Monday to Friday, 10am-4pm. The company’s president, Alan Blakeman, also attends every UK specialist bottle fair.

There are a wide variety of bottles that have gone on to achieve a high price. For instance, a bottle of Wister’s Club House gin sold at auctions for $10,350. It was made by an Eastern manufacturer in the early 1800s. Its green coloration makes it an especially rare bottle.

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