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Alliance Auto Auction – What Dealers Need to Know

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The Alliance Auto Auction is a company that promises its employees advancement and better pay than its competitors. However, the work environment is far from ideal. Employees must work much harder for the same pay and are not supported by management. The company values customer satisfaction more than employee loyalty. Even hard working employees are rewarded with little if any, appreciation.

Dealers are encouraged to participate in Alliance Auto Auctions, but they must meet certain requirements. Dealers are required to submit registration information and additional information before buying, selling, or consigning vehicles. In addition, they must be aware of the Alliance’s payment policy. It is important to pay fees on time.

Dealers Auto Auction Group has announced expansion plans at two facilities. The dealership in Memphis will get a new facility with more than 100 acres and six lanes. The new facility will offer full reconditioning and mechanical services. Motley’s Richmond Auto Auction has also been awarded the Auction of the Year Award.

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