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Alchemy is a blockchain-based software company that powers a number of games. These include NBA Top Shot and the video game Axie Infinity. Recently, the company sold a $69 million non-fungible token (NFT), which represents ownership of virtual items. Alchemy is also partnered with Adobe, which is developing software that allows artists to prepare NFTs in Photoshop.

The company’s customers include Augur, Cryptokitties, 0X, Deversifi, Kyber, and Trust Wallet. Other companies that have used its platform include OpenSea, Quantstamp, Lucid Sight, and Funfair. For now, Alchemy is still in beta, but it may be possible to see an MVP soon.

Alchemy’s main objective is to empower developers with the necessary tools and resources to make secure, reliable blockchain applications. It also provides the building blocks that developers need to build decentralized applications without having to worry about managing blockchain infrastructure in-house. Alchemy is supported by many leading crypto companies and institutions, including Coinbase and Maker.

To make things even simpler for users, Alchemy offers a dashboard for all of its applications. This dashboard gives users access to metrics, alerts, and logging. They can even filter requests by date, type, or country. In addition, users can use web forms to send blockchain requests. This way, developers can spend more time on building great apps.

Alchemy has raised $15 million in seed and Series A funding rounds. This means it now has a valuation of $500 million. Investors include the founders of Coinbase, ex-Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang, and PayPal founder Peter Thiel. This shows that Alchemy has a strong track record for attracting investors.

The Alchemy SDK makes interfacing with the blockchain easy. It also offers developer tools and provides comprehensive performance and user insights. It also allows developers to build killer use cases with the blockchain ecosystem. These APIs can even help developers connect their operating systems, browsers, and web apps to the blockchain ecosystem.

Alchemy wants to bring the blockchain space to one billion people. That number is an underestimation considering the number of internet users worldwide. Another promising use case for Alchemy is the gaming industry. With the inclusion of tools like Unreal Engine and Unity, developers can create games much faster and easier.

Developers can also use the Alchemy Notify tool to send real-time push notifications to their users. This tool helps them drive engagement through notifications at key points in the user’s journey. For example, it can notify users when transactions are mined, dropped, or failed. It also uses webhooks to track address activity.

While Alchemy is a new project, Infura has been around for much longer. It was acquired by ConsenSys in 2016. It offers easy-to-use infrastructure for Ethereum projects. It also includes the IPFS API, which enables users to store files on the blockchain.

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