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AIA Insurance is a well-established association that has a number of services to protect its members. These services range from a comprehensive regulatory database to customized daily reports. Members can also take advantage of the supplemental Enhanced Legislative Search, which allows them to search for insurance-related legislation. AIA also creates state-level reports to help members identify new legislation.

AIA provides life insurance, retirement planning, and savings plans to individuals, and also caters to corporate clients. In addition, AIA provides pension services and credit life services to its business clients. The company has a wide network of agents across Asia and serves over 38 million individual policies. Moreover, AIA offers a host of other financial products, including variable contracts and securities.

AIA Insurance’s Income Protection and Trauma Protection policies provide financial assistance in case of accidents or illness. These plans can help individuals and families cover their rent, mortgage payments, and other living expenses. Benefits are paid out monthly and can cover all or part of the costs. Business income protection policies, including those tailored to the farming industry, are also available.

AIA Insurance has branch offices in Asia and is now a major player in Malaysia and Thailand. It also operates in Indonesia. It also opened its first office in South Korea in 1987, just as the reform era began and Seoul prepared to host the Summer Olympics.

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