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Acura Financial Services Financing

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Acura Financial Services can help you purchase or lease a new vehicle. They offer financing in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. Depending on the model and your budget, you can choose a loan with a term of 24 to 60 months. If you need a longer loan term, you can also find financing from other sources. However, you may be required to pay more in interest.

You may be eligible for low-APR financing on some models. However, the number of months you can spend on the loan will affect the rate. So, for example, a 0.9% APR may increase to 1.9% for a loan lasting 37 to 60 months. You may be eligible for special discounts if you own an Acura or an Audi.

You can also apply for pre-approval with Acura Financial Services before you go to the dealership. This pre-approval will give you a general idea of the amount you’ll have to pay and how long it will take you to pay it off. However, be sure to fill out the entire application, because the loan amount can change after you submit your application.

If you think you qualify for financing, you can apply online or visit a bank or credit union. You can even apply at different lenders to see which one offers the lowest monthly payment. This will not harm your credit and will help you find the most affordable loan option for you. You can also take advantage of Acura Financial Services’ special financing offers for new and used vehicles.

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